(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)


All the road


Equipment for every stage of the road life cycle  

The range of products offered by the FAYAT Group and its specialized subsidiaries is large enough to be adapted to all types of markets, corresponding to every stage of the road life cycle.

FAYAT Road Life Cycle


FAYAT product line revolves around 5 main product families:

1. Production equipment: products and equipment needed for the construction of carriageways

2. Maintenance and road maintenance equipment

3. Road building equipment (compactors, finishers, milling machines…)

4. Tools fundamental to road building expertise

5. Environmental and urban maintenance (sweeping and maintenance of urban areas, processing of solid, urban and/or incineration waste)

> All the equipment for hot and cold mix, preventive and curative maintenance, including deep recycling, new technologies and compaction from the roadbed to the finished products.

>  Equipment for the environment : mainly focused on sweeping and the maintenance of urban areas, the Fayat range is complete and innovative. The processing of waste (solid, urban and/or incineration waste) is one of our specialist areas. 

- Versatile urban equipment dedicated to occasional tasks (e.g. urban sludge pumping) ;

-  CHARLATTE's airport handling equipment.

We hope that this constantly developing and updated range of products will allow us to forge ahead together on the word's roads.

Our core businesses


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