(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)



BOMAG BTE 02, production of foam bitumen in a laboratory

The development of our companies is driven by new technologies. These new technologies are applied in generally limited fields, until such time as they are progressively developed.

Specific means have to be implemented to ensure the pursuit and support of new technologies: laboratory equipment, corporate experts, training.

All the manufacturing equipment proposed can be fitted with top quality automatons to ensure the industrial control, monitoring and traceability of production.

The FAYAT group is pursuing research and development and can act as a consultant as far as all new technologies are concerned.

SOFT MIX automation for continuous and batch hot-mix asphalt plants

The Group offers powerful teaching aids and specialist test benches concerning compaction, sprayers and asphalt plant subassemblies.

Specialist schools devoted to these road disciplines are organised in Germany, Italy, France and China.   

> Technological transfer
> Laboratory equipement
> Management systems
> Melting metering feeding units
> Deep foundation equipment

PTC 200 HD vibrodrivers