(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)


Road maintenance

Road network managers now spend more money on road maintenance than construction. In many countries roads are in quite a run-down state. The desired aims and key decision-making criteria are:

- User comfort and safety,

- The fair allocation of credits and a balance between preventive and corrective maintenance,

- Sustainable development, preserving resources and minimising emissions, etc.


  • Our range of bitumen sprayers is the largest on the market

SECMAIR sprayers range includes four product lines structured around four markets:

• We offer the ROADSPRAYER for emerging and high-yield markets in which the demand is focussed on prime coats and on tack coats. The binders are emulsions and/or fluidised bitumen.

• We offer the EUROSPRAYER for more technical markets in which variations in width must be accommodated, with full-width spraying being a general requirement. These markets are diversified and the main emphasis is on tack coats and demanding surface dressings.

• The EDENSPRAYER is the ideal solution for more demanding markets requiring thermo-fluid spray bars which are also telescopic for all types of applications. It is both technical and provides a high level of user comfort.

Used in conjunction with asphalt teams, the SERVIROUTE multipurpose sprayer can optimise the cost-effectiveness of equipment by offering a wide range of services.  

  • The range of sprayer-spreaders is organised into three categories

• Tradition • Chipsealer 320s are fuelled by a tilting hopper which is combined with a chip spreader with a gravity spray nozzle. They form the gateway into technique – a tried and tested traditional solution for work sites where versatility is the primary criterion of choice (tack coat, temporary dressings, industrial platforms).

Accuracy • The Chipsealer 360s are fuelled by a semi-tilting hopper combined with a telescopic chip spreader; they are characterised by highly precise metering and are perfect for patching and urban application.

High outputs • The Chipsealer 450s are supplied by conveyor belt, for controlled quality work and competitive surfacing.

BREINING SLURRYPAVER, for microsurfacing

  • The SLURRYPAVER range has been modified

The regulation of bitumen according to the passing flow rate is a BREINING speciality, and in this period of high inflation for asphalt binders, this is a significant economic benefit as well as a major technological advantage. The inclusion of an intermediate emulsion spray bar (2 in 1) on the Novasealer as well as the SLURRYPAVER is a major step forward.

  • Traceability and EC certification

The certification of surface dressings and microsurfacing products forms part of a massive undertaking that began with aggregates and binders and is continuing with hot-mix asphalts. Onboard automation systems play an essential role and can be of significant help to contractors, for certification in European countries, internal quality control and traceability in other countries.

SECMAIR FIBERSEALER, binder and glass fibre sprayer