(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)




World leader in compaction,

Number one in Europe for maintenance equipment.

From its European, American and Asian sites, FAYAT designs, manufactures and markets specific equipments for building and maintaining roads and carriageways. FAYAT is a worldwide well-known specialist for its range of road building equipment.

Keeping one step ahead of market trends, driving research to market solutions, developping innovative equipments meeting all the criteria of reliability, safety and profitable operation: these are the ambitions of the Group.

Some 3,000 people provide relevant advice and solutions on a daily basis in the road building equipment sector.

At all steps of the road construction and maintenance, FAYAT offers a wide range of equipments for:

  • Producing asphalt and bituminous binders,
  • Applying constituent materials in uniform layers,
  • Servicing networks (local repairs, repair of wearing courses, rebuilding of roads),
  • Recycling deconstruction waste and reintroducing them into the road life cycle,
  • Cleaning, sweeping the carriageway and urban spaces.

All of this equipment uses new technology and meets the most stringent criteria in terms of reliability, safety, profitability and environmental protection.



Batch hot mix asphalt plant Binder and glass fibre sprayer Asphalt tandem roller with the new ASPHALT MANAGER  and precision spreader Waste compactor The 1st sweeping machine in the world benefiting from CNG (compressed natural gas) Electric belt loader Deep foundation equipment producing verticale vibrations

Our product ranges


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