(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)



A global vision for local solutions

Through its wide panel of activities, 

  1/ Preparation of road beds: stabilisation with lime and cement and compaction,

  2/ Production of all types of materials used in road building: gravel cement mixture, cold, warm and hot mix asphalt,

  3/ Application and laying of materials (paver finishers),

  4/ Compaction of bituminous asphalts,

  5/ Maintenance of carriageways, and new technologies,

  6/ Milling and surfacing of carriageways,

  7/ Recyclage when worn out and overall recycling solutions,

FAYAT proposes an extremely complete range of equipments,

corresponding to every stage of the road life cycle, 

FAYAT offer also covers environment equipments:

- Waste compactors,

Sweeping and cleaning equipments for roads and parkings,

- Handling equipments for industry and airports,

- Deep foundation equipment.


Hot, warm & cold, continuous & batch production

Road maintenance

Compaction, milling, paving

Sweeping, airport, and road maintenance equipment

Foundation equipments

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FAYAT Road Building Equipment Division

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