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05|05 Marini: Successful Top Tower 3000 in Egypt

Egyptian President Al-Sisi has launched a programme for the building of 3,400km of roads after the revolution of the Arab spring. The trend in the country is for road building using increasingly sophisticated technologies.

The types of plants proposed have to meet increasingly stringent requirements: being capable of boosting production from 100-120 T/hour to 200 T/hour, enabling the inclusion of additives, modified bitumen, recycled materials, etc.

Marini: successful Top Tower 3000 in Egypt


The first Top Tower 3000 sold in 2014 – one of the jewels of the Marini range – was particularly appreciated by the customer, especially for its robustness. When it proved its capability of producing 300,000 tons of asphalt in less than six months, the order was immediately followed by other ones….
This successful venture also owes a great deal to the presence on the spot of MSE, a trusted partner.