(Measuring and documentation system for intelligent compaction)



Marini-Turkey's new factory in Ankara (Oct.2016)

Marini Turkey celebrated the grand opening of its new factory in Ankara with 25.000 sqm production size, 13.500 sqm roofed.

FAYAT / Marini-Turkey's new factory opening in Ankara

The General Manager of Marini Turkey, Yusuf Güngör welcomed 220 guests and customers from over 14 countries to its opening ceremony of the new MARINI Turkey factory in Ankara.
The event was surrounded by a very pleasant speech of Jörg Unger, General Manager of the Fayat Road Equipment Division. He introduced the VIP who joined this event.
Deputy Undersecretary Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Dr. Özkan Poyraz, - Deputy General Manager General Directorate of Highways, Lacin Akcay, - President of Ankara Industry Association, Nurettin Özdebir, - from the Embassy of Italy the First Secretary & Head of Economic and Commercial Department, Filippo Manara, - Second Secretary, Margherita Gianessi and from the Embassy of France the Deputy Head of the Economic Department, Olivier Redoules  were positively impressed and expressed their thanks to Mr. Güngör.

FAYAT / Marini-Turkey's new factory opening in Ankara

Mr. Unger honored in his speech the extraordinary work which had been done from the MARINI Turkey team during the last five years and the great achievements in the market of asphalt mixing plants and road equipment. Furthermore, he outlined the synergy and success of the relationship between Marini Turkey and Bomag Turkey.
Mr. Joachim Blatt, General Manager of Fayat Mixing Plants, spoke about the last five years since MARINI Turkey became part of the FAYAT family and the outstanding success during that period. MARINI products perfectly  match the demand from the market.
To better serve both Turkish market and nearby countries  increasing demand of asphalt plants, as well as the demand for bitumen engineering products, Marini Turkey decided to increase the production facility in Ankara to 13,500 sq.m.
The next speaker was Yusuf Güngör who thanked all his guests and customers for their participation and underlined that his success is directly linked to the success of its customers. Marini Turkey is willing to be even to closer to customers with an ever increasing quality standard in products, not to forget service!
He closed his speech by thanking its great team, which realized the perfect event within a very short period and they provided a lovely and gorgeous afternoon at the brand new shop floor surrounded by a live violin concert.

FAYAT / Marini-Turkey's new factory opening in Ankara

For further questions, please contact:
Mr. Stephan Hotz – s-hotz@marini.fayat.com
Ms. Gian Paola Pezzi - g.pezzi@marini.fayat.com

2016 IFAT fair: lots of innovations by FAYAT Sweeping pole!

The IFAT fair, the reference in the field of environment, celebrated its 50 years in Munich this year. This edition set a new record by attracting 138,000 visitors from more than 170 countries. The Fayat group was present again through its three brands Mathieu, Ravo and Scarab: they demonstrated 10 innovative materials.

2016 IFAT fair: lots of innovations by FAYAT Sweeping pole!

The international orientation of the IFAT fair is growing continuously: in 2016, one visitor out of two was not from Germany. The FAYAT Road Building Equipment Division was represented by its Sweeping pole consisting of MATHIEU, RAVO and SCARAB.
This combined presence by the three companies offered impact and visibility to the booth and the new solutions highlighted during the event: the new MATHIEU MC 210 and RAVO’s HYGiON.

IFAT fair, FAYAT innovation: HYGION sweeping machine by RAVO

The New MATHIEU MC 210 has a new cab entirely redesigned to offer more space and comfort to operators, useful technologies for an easier operation and latest-generation clean engines (EURO 6 / TIER IV). HYGiON is the latest RAVO sweeper. This model is equipped with a unique PM10 and PM2.5 capture system from the airflow of the machine by positive ionisation. It is safe for operators and it does not affect the sweeping performance in anyway.

The frequentation, higher than during the last edition, enabled to meet new contacts and valuable prospects. Their enthusiastic feedback about the innovations demonstrated during the show was the perfect conclusion to a successful week!

Marini Open Days: Two days to meet customers,dealers and to show new ways of communication

MARINI Open Days took place last October in Alfonsine. Italian customers and some foreign delegations had the opportunity to pre-view 2 new asphalt plants that will be exhibited at bauma:  the XPRESS, mobile plant with production up to 200 tph and the BETOWER, transportable plant, production up to 160 tph. The new plants found favor with customers and the 1st XPRESS has been immediately sold!!
Good success also for the cold mix plant Packliner Compact (SAE) and the emulsion plant Emulpack (MARINI-ERMONT). BOMAG was showing its range of products for soil, asphalt as well as light equipments.

Marini Open Days 2015

The Open Days have been the right event to illustrate MARINI history, the present and the view of the future to customers and dealers in a modern art form: the video mapping. Through light and sound the perception of reality is transformed. The sensational performance, with special surreal effects, gave the viewers a unique, awe-inspiring, emotional experience. Through video mapping MARINI has transformed its company brand into a thrilling and exciting 3D experience.

Marini Open Days 2015

Secmair wins a trophy for international development

At the International Connecting Day on 1st October, organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes Saint-Nazaire (France), Secmair won the VIE Trophy for its international commitment. The award was given by Matthias Fekl, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad.

It was in his capacity as Secretary of State for Foreign Trade that Matthias Fekl praised the action undertaken by the Secmair teams to develop their company in foreign markets via a VIE (volunteers in business) programme.

Secmair wins a trophy for international development

Prominent on all five continents, Secmair was looking to set up for the long term in Asia-Pacific. A business developer was hired on a VIE programme with the help of the Pays de la Loire region. He worked in one of the Fayat subsidiaries in Singapore in order to assess the maturity of the markets. This strategic choice of location just a few hours’ flight from numerous countries in south-east Asia turned out to be the right one, so much so that the VIE was renewed last March for a one-year period.

The trophy awarded on 1st October is just reward for the international development strategy of Secmair and only serves to fuel the company’s ambition to strengthen economic ties with Asia-Pacific.

Intermat 2015, successful again

Our teams had the pleasure of welcoming a large number of visitors from some 80 countries at the 2200-m2 FAYAT booth, where around a hundred equipments were on display.

FAYAT at Intermat 2015

The 2015 edition of the Intermat fair has been more than satisfactory: 183,000 admissions - a third of them foreign visitors - and 1,410 exhibiting companies (+5% against 2012).
This time round, Fayat Road Equipment had around 100 machines on display. Innovation took pride of place, including some world-firsts. 

FAYAT Road Equipment, awarded at Intermat Innovation Awards 2015

The new-generation continuous asphalt plantRF 160 NEO by Marini-Ermont was distinguished with a Bronze Medal in the Construction Equipment category at the Intermat Innovation Awards 2015.
FAYAT is the only company having ever received at least one Award at each session since the Intermat Innovation Awards were created (2000).

FAYAT Road Equipment awarded at Intermat Innovation Awards 2015

A world first in terms of energy consumption, thanks largely to our ECO-technologies (ECOdry, ECOdrive, ECOenergy, ECOstart, ECOflame and RECYCLEAN), the RF 160 Neo also stands out due to the limited environmental impacts of each component, in compliance with the requirements for sustainable road-building.
This new-generation, recycling, continuous asphalt plant, whose smart modular design allows it to be configured to meet clients' needs, is also easy and intuitive to use.
The RF 160 Neo – the latest in the range of new-generation asphalt plants – has been designed and developed by Marini-Ermont, the world leader in continuous-type hot-mix asphalt plant technology, which has marketed over 700 asphalt plants worldwide since it joined the Fayat Group in 1987.

The Marini-Ermont RF 160 Neo will be displayed as a world première during the forthcoming Intermat 2015 show – Villepinte (Paris), 20th – 25th April 2015.

FAYAT at the first major congress dedicated to road maintenance

This winter, Paris hosted the Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit - the first major congress dedicated to road maintenance. The optimisation of resources, research concerning pertinent technical solutions and the sharing of new solutions that have been tested in different countries, were the key issues of this major international conference.

FAYAT at the first major congress dedicated to road maintenance

The staging of a single congress, dedicated to maintenance in the broadest sense of the term and jointly organised by the best American and European specialists, reveals the importance of this issue. The FAYAT Group, presenting one stand and two papers–dedicated to maintenance techniques using fibreglass-reinforced emulsion (SECMAIR) and hot-mix asphalt production using the RF NEO (ERMONT)–was one of the leading equipment manufacturers at this conference held in February 2015.

A Product Line deeply rethought for our Division

The FAYAT group’s traditional range focuses on European countries. International development (Asia, North and South Americas) has produced specific ranges and the integration of leading brands and world-renowned products (CMI, CEDARAPIDS…). The need to clarify and synthesise the range became clear: what choice, what alternatives, depending on the relevant country and area? Advice and guidance are especially important given that specifications and recommendations, in terms of standards and environmental safety, vary considerably from one geographical area to another.

FAYAT Product Line 2015

The 2015 FAYAT Product Line therefore takes a new direction.
Change in form, more concise and shorter, but above all, a change in substance. Only road technology products are concerned and presented in the chronology of the road life cycle, the backbone of the FAYAT group’s strategy. Other products concerning foundations and/or the environment and urban waste are covered by specific documents prepared by our specialised companies.
The 2015 Product Line is also universal, as the Group’s ranges are presented worldwide. Recommendations are based on multiple summarising normative requirements (e.g. emissions), service facilities, local competitiveness, given the costs of transport, import taxes, etc.
Our standard range may, however, be supplemented with specific offers, outside the Product Line.

POLLUTEC 2014: MATHIEU celebrates the sale of the 1,000th AZURA MC 200

The POLLUTEC 2014 show at the Lyons Eurexpo centre drew to a close on 5 December 2014. This 26th edition, packed with meetings and events, reflected the dynamism of the environmental and eco-industry markets.
The FAYAT Group's Road Equipment Division stand was a big hit with visitors throughout the week, who were able to see clean sweeping solutions (with EURO 6 engines) by MATHIEU, RAVO and SCARAB, in addition to a smaller-scale waste compactor by BOMAG.

MATHIEU MC 200 sweeping machine

However, the key event of this high-intensity week was the reception to mark the official celebration of the sale of the 1,000th AZURA MC 200.

BAUMA China 2014: an exceptional year

The 2014 edition of BAUMA China in Shanghai will be remembered as an exceptional event.  It was attended by more visitors than ever (191,000: up 6% on 2012), with a greater number of professionals and countries represented (140 countries). The Fayat Group exhibited 35 BOMAG, MARINI and BREINING-branded machines on its 1,690 m2 display area.

FAYAT at Bauma 2014

BAUMA China in Shanghai is one of the top three international events in the construction equipment sector and is increasingly seen as the shop window for manufacturers in Asia.

Inauguration of the MARINI BOMAG Academy in Alfonsine (Italy)

The FAYAT group has launched at the beginning of October the MARINI BOMAG Academy, their new training center settled in Alfonsine (Italy).


This highly up-to-date center, with more than 800 sq.m. of ground space, consists of a conference room for a public of up to 60 people with a completely interactive 140'' touchwall screen, a meeting room for 14 people, various training classrooms with computers and simulators, in addition to a 500 sq.m. workshop. The old electrical workshop has now been converted in just three short months into the BOMAG MARINI Academy! 

CHARLATTE and MATHIEU at Interairport Munich 2013 (08-11 October)

The fair, which is held every two years in Munich, is a must for both brands.


CHARLATTE teams from France and USA and MATHIEU team welcomed their customers coming from all over the world. Despite the disastrous weather, this new edition was a great success. One of the exhibited equipments was CHARLATTE T135 DIN new tractor, which will be commercialized during the first 2014 semester. A special evening in a large Munich brasserie welcomed 110 guests.

The FAYAT Group hosts an ISO standards meeting 

In September, in the wine storerooms of Château Clément Pichon, the FAYAT Group hosted the working group tasked with revising the EN 500 European standards that are set to become EN ISO standards.

FAYAT hosts an ISO standards meeting

These standards, on the safety of mobile road building machinery, cover a very broad range of equipment including planers, soil stabilisers, vibratory plates and asphalt paver-finishers.
18 participants, of 5 different nationalities (Germany, France, United States, Japan and Sweden) and representing equipment manufacturers, public organisations, professional organisations and entrepreneurs were able to address some of the 125 preliminary comments drawn up by the Member State representatives.
With an opportunity to taste Fayat wines at a free cocktail that the Group organised, the participants were unanimous in praising the quality of the organisation and exceptional working conditions prepared for them over these two days.

 INRS: French National Safety and Research Institute

SCARAB, KEIBA 2013 winner

SCARAB is delighted to have won the KEiBA 2013 award for success in international markets 

SCARAB, KEIBA 2013 winner

The judges praised the company's willingness to go beyond just selling sweepers, and provide committed after-care and welcomed its measured risk-taking to gain new contracts.  SCARAB export machines to over 30 countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, which now accounts for 75% of the business turnover.
And with key developments, such as offering sweepers in kit form that can be containerised in multiples for shipment around the world. This has not only cut freight costs but enabled the local dealer to reduce import duties. SCARAB takes an innovative approach to overseas markets by examining each country for cultural, behavioural, climate and technological characteristics and tailoring products to meet them.
Well done to all the Staff at SCARAB our Distributors and Suppliers who have all helped us achieve this fantastic award.
For more info on KEiBA (Kent Excellence in Business Awards) please visit   http://www.keiba.co.uk/ 

Logo Bauma 2013

FAYAT Road Equipment at the Bauma (Munich)15th-21st April 2013

The Fayat Group will be delighted to welcome you to its stand: F1009 – F1008/1 to show you the latest new products from the three business units of its Road Building Equipment Division:

-      Marini asphalt plants
-      Bomag road machinery
-      Breining road maintenance equipment  

A 300 m2 area will be dedicated to presenting PTC’s foundation equipment.

In the 4,800 m2 of space in which the Group’s major brands will be exhibited, you can discover 70 equipment items including products making their international début, such as the Marini eTower, the Bomag MPH 600, a new range of articulated tandem rollers, a BF 900 paver finisher and the UBSprayer multipurpose sprayer.

The Fayat stand will also contain two special exhibition areas:

-       A 1,300 m2 demonstration area - BOMAG City action – primarily reserved for light equipment

-      The Asphalt Pavilion, focusing on mobility and warm-mix asphalt.

You will find all our news in our technological review Fayat on the Roads n.23 dedicated to the Bauma fair.

TEREX logo

FAYAT GROUP announces that it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire certain road building assets and operations from CMI TEREX Corporation

Driven by a key strategic initiative to expand its leading position and support for customers in the road building industry, FAYAT GROUP today announced it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire certain product lines in North America, and the road building operations of TEREX in Brazil (ex-Cifali). This is a significant breakthrough for FAYAT subsidiary BOMAG as well as the mixing plant business unit subsidiaries MARINIERMONT).

This project aims at reinforcing FAYAT GROUP offer and expertise in road building solutions.

FAYAT / Marini-Turkey's new factory opening in Ankara